Reiki Infinite Healer Home Course Review

“Words cannot adequately describe Reiki, it needs to be experienced, be it as a treatment from a Reiki practitioner or by attending a workshop – it will change your life for the better. All you need is the willingness to learn and the openness of your mind, body and spirit.” - Reiki Infinite Healer L2

Dave Nelson the author of Reiki Infinite Healer ( offers a simple yet exhaustive study on Reiki, its practices and beliefs with the promise of enlightenment in just a few weeks.


His study-at-home concept may not be the first of its kind but it is truly unique with a total of 3 course e-books, 2 CDs of Reiki music, plenty of useful alternative study material, many useful links and a personal communication email for help and support.

Looking past all the bells and whistles, Reiki Infinite Healer is at the end of the day designed to be a three week course with each week corresponding to one level of Reiki mastership. As a non-initiated, the reader begins with the first e-book that teaches the basics of Reiki from principles mandatory to the practice to the Reiki symbols to Reiki body chakras.

By the end of the third e-book, secrets only seasoned masters learn are revealed and so are life lessons essential to truly experience the bliss of Reiki practice. One of the very first feelings you get by reading this trilogy is that it is structured and positioned towards a single objective.

Instead of having trivia thrown in between or stories that do nothing more than entertain readers, each chapter introduces new concepts, ideologies and practices to the reader plunging him deeper into the art of healing one’s self and others.

Let’s now take an in-depth look at the course itself.

The Novice Stage (Level 1)

The first part of the trilogy sets the tone for the remainder. Direct, simple and expressive – the language is simple to grasp and mostly directive. Being the introduction to the entire course, the first ebook spends some time explaining the Reiki symbols, chakras, principles and more before beginning the actual teaching process.

You start by learning and practicing the five principles of Reiki daily, learning various hand positions for self-healing until you master the art itself.

While Dave claims that one can learn self-healing in under a week, do not stay rigid on this. The book ends with you learning the art of healing a second person, someone other than yourself. However, practicing the teachings of Reiki Infinite Healer Level 1 isn’t hard thanks to the elaborately detailed pictures accompanying each routine or hand position.

The Intermediate Stage (Level 2)

The second part considers the reader to now be initiated and well versed with self-healing. Unlike many other authors who stop after teaching self healing, Dave has taken the pain to compose a carefully crafted manuscript of the next level of learning after self healing.

This book starts off by explaining the three pillars of Reiki and their significance to your life and their application to Reiki. Then Dave explains the three sacred Reiki symbols of Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei Heiki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen respectively. If we consider the first part of Reiki Infinite Healer to be a primer – a practical tool, the second level is a spiritual and enlightenment tool.

As you master the thought process of a Reiki practitioner, you gradually come to the point where your mind, body and soul are at peace and one with each other. Once again, the language of the book is simple, not too condescending neither too over-the-top.

It is easy to understand, enlightening and soothing. Dave also mentions time and again the need to practice Reiki with a second person – someone you trust and love because Reiki is more than self-benefit, it is for the benefit of the world (his main reason for writing this course).

Quite possibly the only problem with the second book is that there were a few times when it started getting a bit too philosophical for me and I found myself skimming through until I got back to the practical parts.  However, I understand that the cultural influences and philosophies that led to its origin can help if you truly want to master the art.

The second part ends with distant healing, how to prepare for a client and basically gives advanced knowledge on the application of Reiki for more than just self healing. It is worth noting here that to come this far in Reiki through traditional one-on-one training it takes years and thousands of dollars but with Reiki Infinite Healer, it takes a couple of weeks and a onetime payment!

The Third And Final eBook, Reiki Infinite Healer Master Level

By the time you are done reading through the Intermediate level course material, you will be so engrossed in Dave’s writings that the third book will seem all but a triviality. However, do not be fooled by the fact that you are finished with two thirds of the course because what comes next is something even we weren’t expecting!

Now, we won’t spill the beans but what we will say is that the final installment of the series is supposed to take you to the level of a Reiki Master in the third week and once you are done reading through all its chapters, you can satisfactorily say that you have become a Reiki expert. Heck! Dave even gives you a certificate for the same.

The Extras

While the three part Reiki Infinite Healer book series is the main product from Dave, it isn’t the only thing he gives. Along with the course itself, you get 2 CDs with Dave’s favorite Reiki music – ethereal and soothing, we actually felt at peace listening to the tracks as we practiced various hand positions.

Speaking of hand positions, you also get a free Full Body Hand Position card set. Add to this a total of five free ebooks on crystal healing, yoga, meditation and more, plus useful links to quench your curiosity.

Reiki Infinite Healer series is Dave’s attempt to help those with the dearth in time and money to truly appreciate the ancient art of self-healing. Just about anyone can become a Reiki master in under a month’s time, just follow his instructions with care.

The Reiki Infinite Healer home course is available at

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